We pleasantly take this opportunity to bring brief introduction of my young enterprise “aestrikTechno-signs” founded in 2004, Mumbai with just handful of staff of three. As the famous proverb “The beginning of the big things is always small “and that is why the tiny spot of the stream over the mountain becomes a gigantic sea at the end of its journey…..

Silently but swiftly now more than hundreds of quality solvent printers & thousands of cutting plotters provided by us to this industry. With our products being the best sellers in most categories…. the key to our Success..........

We now are one of the leading importers & distributors of advertising equipments and consumables required for signage industry. We market famous brands of KONICA, INWEAR, SKYCOLOR, JIAGMA, FOISON etc. possessing high resolution, high speed and long life with maintenance free output.

Presently a huge office space in prime location of Mumbai with big team of professional marketing and highly skilled service engineers, we achieved a substantial benchmark of selling 250 nos. of KONICA solvent printers in last two financial years. 

Has been our understanding of business. We understand how as a solution provider, even a minute's delay on our part can affect the customers. It is this zeal to be present everywhere at the right time, which has led us to widen our reach and infrastructure.

Thousands of people desire high return of investment and aestrik techno-signs helps them earn profit and realize their dreams easily. We believe that the technology is for everyone. We provide right choice to fit for different customer’s demand. Now more and higher quality products have been provided by us and will keep doing in near future.

Last but not the least I humbly thank to all my customers for their support and contribution for creating this success.


“Our goal is to make every aestrik customer gain a high return
to their investment from our products.”